Woooba Football
WOOOBA is on the hunt for a intern or volunteer (depending on experience) who is a creative,  good humoured, talented Digital Marketing teammate, potentially with Frontend Developer (HTML/CSS) tendencies.
Join a fun, hardworking, progressive team based in the lovely, green and buzzy Wimbledon area, only 30 minutes door to door from Soho, 20 minutes on the train from Waterloo Station; we work out of our own, private, chilled, renovated IT shop on the high street, with self raising standup desks, big multiple screens and comfy gaming chairs to work from…and food, glorious food.
We are unique; a budding global sports brand with our own product, who are also a design and development software house providing tech services for various companies, supporting customers with design, build and operation of digital services (see http://wooobalab.com).
Working closely with the entire tech team, as well as the experienced American CEO/Founder, who’s reach includes global sports groups, government  and decades of experience in startup tech companies, SME’s and corporations, you will be in good company if your are excitable and an open personality.  Here’s a bit on how with see the Digital Marketing Executive role;

Digital marketing executives oversee the online marketing strategy for their organisation. They plan and execute digital (including email, SMS, platforms such as Slack/Telegram/Discord) marketing campaigns and design, maintain and supply content for the organisation’s website(s).

In addition, they engage with the public through social media and ensure visitor flow to digital sites. Digital marketing executives also analyse and report on visitor data and devise new ways to market products. In WOOOBA, they aim to frequently work with retailer and brand clients/partners, to grow mutual online presence.

If you join our growing little sports brand, your day-to-day, typically may be spent to;

  • Engage with and manage brand relationships with NBA, Premier League, FourFourTwo, Nike, Under Armour, Asics, GB Basketball, Premier League Basketball, government bodies (Dept. Digital Culture Media Sport, sports National Governing Bodies, County Sports Partners and others).
  • Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns.
  • Oversee a social media strategy.
  • Manage and maintain the organisation’s website(s).
  • Write and optimise content for the website and social networking accounts such as Facebook/Instagram and Twitter.
  • Track and analyse website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports
    Attain key performance indicators such as reducing the website bounce rate, increasing dwell time or improving conversion.
  • Continually work on the Search Engine Optimization of the website(s).
  • Fix any errors or bugs in online content (tech support in house).
  • Edit and post videos, podcasts and audio content to online sites.
  • Arrange webinars and webcasts.
  • Create online banner adverts and oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management.
  • Write copy for email marketing campaigns.
  • Identify new trends in digital marketing, evaluate new technologies and ensure the brand is at the forefront of industry developments, particularly developments in mobile marketing.
  • Work on printed material to supplement online products.
  • Attend product launches and networking events for WOOOBA.

Key skills
Editing and writing skills: You need to devise and edit content for various digital platforms. Writing blog posts may well be an integral part of the job eventually, as we grow.

Speaking skills: These will mainly be deployed internally, but super helpful if you speak a second or third language as sport is GLOBAL; we actually have a live project with a large Spanish sports org. You will need to be able to explain coherently to others, who may not be familiar with the medium, our brand or our goals, or our platform, how digital technologies work and what their marketing application is.

Video editing skills: Website and social media content will not just be text but frequently visual as well.

Web development skills: A digital marketing executive is not a software developer,
but it’s helpful if you understand and can tweak basic HTML/CSS, search engine
optimization and have advanced Pages/Keynote (or Word/Powerpoint) skills.

Project management skills: Digital marketing executives also need to be good at handling time-sensitive projects and working to deadlines.

An undergraduate degree in marketing (or a professional marketing qualification) is preferred but humanities degrees are just as good if you have enough hands on experience.

Relevant experience
Experience of between one and three years in digital communications and marketing is often expected. Experience or a qualification in graphic design is extremely desired.

So, IF you are interested in joining a social sports technology brand with global goals of helping the world play more sports, we offer a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with some of the latest technologies, exciting partners/clients and globally connected investors/advisors.   We offer our full-time teammates who have earned their place in grassroots social sports history with us;
  •   Share Options (stay with us and own a piece of the dream)


  •   Annual bonus program


  •   Accelerated salary forecast (salary increased based on total revenue)



  •   Standing/Sitting electric desks


  •   Spontaneous WOOOBA lunches (eat.design.develop)


  •   Fresh fruit and water on hand


  •   Global circle of amazing advisors, investors and friends, at your service
Let’s see if you are The One; let’s have a chat!
Thanks so much.
Please mail your CV/portfolio/preferred tech stack to:  dan@woooba.com